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Fleet Trainer Course

Our Fleet Trainer Course for ADIs has been accredted by the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency - allowing access to the DVSA Fleet Register on successful completion of the course and tests.


What is a Fleet Trainer?

A fleet trainer provides training to full licece holders, usually those who drive for work. A company can require training for their driver for a number of reasons:

  • To increase safety within their fleet
  • To reduce fuel costs
  • To develop the skills of their staff
  • To reduce the risk of collisions
  • To help a driver following a collision
  • To protect their business and reputation 

Many fleet trainers provide other types of training such as vehicle familiarisation, post collision courses and classroom based training courses.


Is there much work available?

There are many fleet training companies that have large or small contracts, with work available for fleet registered trainers. Many fleet trainers concentrate on providing fleet training to various companies, rather than teaching learner drivers - some even find employed roles. The work is available - but you will need to make the effort to find it. The majority of businesses do not put their drivers through any form of on-road training. This presents fleet trainers with a fantastic opportunity - a large amount of potential customers! There are an ever increasing number of companies opting for driver training as they see it as a valuable form of training for their employees. 


What does the course involve?

The fleet trainer qualification process is similar to the ADI qualification process:

  • Part 1 - theory test
  • Part 2 - driving ability test
  • Part 3 - instructional ability test

In order to pass the tests, you will need to prepare thoroughly. The skills needed to pass these tests are very similar tho those needed to pass the ADI tests. However, you will need to:

  • demonstrate that you have a wider knowledge, including some advanced techniques and roadcraft
  • demonstrate a higher standard of driving
  • demonstrate that you can identify key risks and provide effective coaching to reduce those risks, to an experienced driver

As our course has been accredited by the DVSA you will take all training and tests internally, with us. You will not need to visit a DVSA examiner at a driving test centre to take the 3 qualifying tests - you will sit your tests with our examiners, meaning you wont have to wait the usual DVSA waiting times. However, the standard is exactly the same as if you took the tests with the DVSA.


How long does the course take?

You'll attend 3 sessions, which can be combined into 2 consecutive days if preferred. During this time you will be given full training and guidance towards passing your part 2 and part 3 tests. You will have studied at home in preparation for part 1. Following completion of the 2 day course, you will then be asked to return to take your part 2 and 3 tests. We can allow you to complete this course within as little as 1 week, or if you prefer you can spread it over a longer period.


How much does the course cost?

The full course fee is £600.00. This includes all training and tests (DVSA fleet registration fee NOT included)


Where are the courses held?

We have trainers located in various parts of the country. We may not have a trainer in your nearest town but it's likely we have one within a reasonable driving distance. Contact us to find out where your nearest trainer is based.


How do I start?

Depending on your local trainer's availability you can usually start within a couple of weeks. Please contact us to enrol onto the course.


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