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ADI CPD courses
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Professional Development 

Level 3 Certificate in Assessing Vocational Achievement

This fantastic qualification allows those involved in education to develop their skills. This qualification allows trainers to assess both occupational competence in the work environment and vocational skills, knowledge and understanding in environments other than the workplace (eg a workshop, classroom or other training environment). In other words, where someone wishes to acheive a qualification they must be assessed by someone with this qualification - sometimes referred to as an 'assessor'.


Do I need this qualification as an ADI?

Many ADIs have made the decision to qualify as an assessor as it opens up many opportunities for them. Some of these have gone on to source work delivering qualifications to others outside of the driver training industry. Others have remained within the industry and have added to what they can offer to their pupils and within the fleet market. This means it can be easily used alongside what you already do or it can take you in a totally different direction - the choice is yours. The DVSA have proposed the use of a vocational qualification to replace the currently qualifying process for ADIs. If that happens, it's makes sense that those who assess under this process would have to be qualified to do so. By taking this qualification you would be qualified to assess, putting you one step ahead. Still need convincing? Just take a look at our testimonials.


Is it difficult to achieve the qualification?

Like any qualification, it takes some effort and the development of new and existing skills to achieve. There are many similarities between the role of an assessor and an ADI - making it easier to take on these new skills. You will be guided through the process by your tutor and all the guidance you need will be available.


Is the qualification nationally recognised?

Yes - it is a QCF qualification andwe have approval to offer it with Pearsons, the largest awarding body in the UK.


When can I start?

Our trainers regularly enrol onto this course in various locations around the country. Start dates can be agreed between you and your local trainer. Get in touch today and we will put you in touch with your local trainer.

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